News at Kennel Dahaqin

News at Kennel Dahaqin

Swedish Saluki Club, result 2012

NewsPosted by Agneta Wed, January 02, 2013 10:49:37

I haven't shown as little as I did during 2012 for years. Building a stable and buying a horse has made less time and money to spend on dogshows. I really looking forward to spring & summer and to go away showing some of them this year.

Deanna finished as Best bitch 12 at the Saluki of the year list. At the list that combine show and Lure-coursing Baqir was placed as number 11, both sex included. I don't really know how that happend as he just run in one competition.

Kennel Dahaqin was also placed as number 7 on the breederslist. This year I think it was only my own salukis, Ajaban, Ashantii, Baqir & Deanna that contributed to the achievement.

Adabi Atil, Awalan Anan and Bilqis Da'aba has been shown very rarely with good results and placements in the classes but without BM or BB placement. Thank you for taking them out.

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