News at Kennel Dahaqin

News at Kennel Dahaqin

Saluki Speciality

NewsPosted by Agneta Wed, October 23, 2013 13:37:44
Last Saturday I had entered all my dogs to the Saluki Club. Really nice showin my opinion smiley that me and two friends arrange. I cook lunch for all people, this year we had an arabic inspiered stew with Taboule. While I was cooking it Deanna hurt herself in the garden She amputated her own claw and the clawbonesmiley. It was not a nice sight. Hopefully she will heal soon but she will never get her claw back. The others did well. Ajaban was placed 4th in the championclass and defeated 6 other males. Björn showed Adabi and he was placed as number 3 both with Price of hounor. Baqir was second in Bred By Class, Ashantii was BIS Bred By and BB-3. Her first show in a year, last time was also at this show. Next year she will be entered more often!! Tigris was placed as number 4 in Veteranclass also she with price of honour. Tigris.Ashantii & Chantaraan won Generation class and Choharin was Best Baby puppy bitch and won a really nice sweater to wear in cold days. Best price of the day!!

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Baqir & Ohfra

NewsPosted by Agneta Wed, October 16, 2013 08:28:07
Baqir will hopefully be father to new puppies within 9 weeks. He mated Multi Ch Pari-was Ohfra-Orli 10,11 and 12 of October. Ofhra is owned by Imke & Marcel Berndt, kennel Noushzad, Germany. It was so nice to meet them and their son, Justus, the little darling. Ajaban was happy to see his first wife Lilly and his daughter Abadiya.

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NewsPosted by Agneta Wed, August 21, 2013 09:28:17
I have decided not to update individual showresults on each dog at their own pages and just brage about it here on news.
Deanna won the R-CC for Joanne Mahone and was Best bitch-3 at the Swedish Sighthound Club/south in May. At the Tammsvik Show, former Skokloster she once again won the R-CC for Lena Stålhandske. In Bremen in August she won BOB with CACIB, CAC and VDH CC and became VDH CH and also SE CH,smiley judge Timothy Finney. The day after she was also BOB with VDH CC and CAC fot Marion Finney.

Baqir was placed as Best Working dog for Nicklas Ericsson at Skokloster Summer Show, the Saluki Club. The day after he was Best Male-2 at Tammsvik Show , judge Wayne Burton. In Bremen he won VDH CC,CAC and R-CACIB for Timothy Finney, the day after Marion Finney gave him the CAC and the VDH CC and he also finiished his VDH CH title.

Now both Deanna and Baqir has 3 CAC in Germany and they need just one more to get their DE CH title. So Germany here we come again :)

Ajaban was BOS particolour both days at Skokloster Summer show. Tigris was BOS Veteran for Maria Nordin at Skokloster Summer Show.

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5,5 weeks

NewsPosted by Agneta Thu, June 20, 2013 10:17:03
Love how the puppies developes,

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4 weeks

NewsPosted by Agneta Wed, June 12, 2013 13:50:48
Now the puppies are 4 weeks and they tried to be stacked for the first time. All was very easy to convince it is a good idéa to be up on the table.

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Puppies arrived on the 11th of May

NewsPosted by Agneta Mon, May 13, 2013 12:50:27
The puppies were born on the 11th of May, 3 boys and 2 girls, the same as Ashantii's first litter. A bit different in colour. They are all doing fine, eating and sleeping and Ashantii takes great care of them. So on top: fawnboy, grizzleboy & redboy and last but not least, cream and grizzle girl.

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Ashantii's secret

NewsPosted by Agneta Wed, May 08, 2013 20:00:40
Next week we will see what Ashantii and Harley will produce together. I'm so excited. Today a recived this photo from Ingunn and I had to share it. Ashantii is my dreambitch, so close to my heart in all aspects. I hope she will have an easy birth to lots of lovely babies!! And than I will start to update my webpage!!

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Dioskury Marengo

NewsPosted by Agneta Mon, January 21, 2013 08:15:10
Just have to share this photo of Ajaban's very handsome smooth son from Russia Dioskury Marengo.

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Swedish Saluki Club, result 2012

NewsPosted by Agneta Wed, January 02, 2013 10:49:37

I haven't shown as little as I did during 2012 for years. Building a stable and buying a horse has made less time and money to spend on dogshows. I really looking forward to spring & summer and to go away showing some of them this year.

Deanna finished as Best bitch 12 at the Saluki of the year list. At the list that combine show and Lure-coursing Baqir was placed as number 11, both sex included. I don't really know how that happend as he just run in one competition.

Kennel Dahaqin was also placed as number 7 on the breederslist. This year I think it was only my own salukis, Ajaban, Ashantii, Baqir & Deanna that contributed to the achievement.

Adabi Atil, Awalan Anan and Bilqis Da'aba has been shown very rarely with good results and placements in the classes but without BM or BB placement. Thank you for taking them out.

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No Puppies

NewsPosted by Agneta Mon, December 03, 2012 09:11:10
Unfortunally something has happend and Ashantii has lost her puppies. We will try again in spring and hope for summer puppies 2013.Huge thanks to Nicklas & Ingunn for beliving in our plans. Now we keep our fingers crossed for Harley to win BIS in Orlando, Go for it!!!

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